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At Chicken Math University, you will learn how to start your homeschool adventure. I am a homeschooling parent, and my students are currently Juniors, next year will be their final year. It is my desire to divulge my years of experience and knowledge on the subject of homeschooling and education.

The homeschooling community has exploded since the COVID pandemic. Many parents who never considered homeschooling their children found themselves trying to make sense of remote learning and teaching their students at home.

Through this many parents found themselves passionate about educating their children. Homeschooling sounds daunting when first starting out but it is achievable by any parent who feels this is the best path for their children.

While my homeschool journey is nearly finished, I hope that my experience will help guide others as they begin their homeschool endeavor. It is my goal to use this blog to help other parents who are beginning to homeschool their students. Topics I will expound on are homeschooling laws, umbrella schools, independent homeschooling, Homeschool Co-ops, grade keeping and reporting, attendance reporting, homeschool day schedule, utilizing homeschool field trips, curriculum, learning styles, homeschool organization, teaching, teaching with media, and using technology to assist in the homeschool setting.

In addition to my homeschool experience, I possess a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Astronomy. It is my intent to use my education to help other parents navigate the subjects of math and science. These subjects are often the Achilles Heel for many homeschooling parents. I will show that both the subjects of math and science are within reach of parents to teach their students. By taking the fear out of these subjects, I will help equip parents with the necessary skills to teach these subjects.

I have cleverly chosen the name “Chicken Math University” as I am also a seasoned backyard chicken keeper with a decade of experience under my wing. While it is my intention to keep this blog strictly about homeschooling, some of our lessons may come with a side of chickenteering.

In addition to homeschooling, I am a published author, multi-disciplinary writer and blog contributer. If you like this blog, please visit some of my other sites.

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So, grab a cup of coffee, a notebook, and let’s begin.

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